Sofa Covers

Sofa Covers

Sofa covers can easily become soiled and dirty from normal use. Dirt and oil can cause permanent staining and make the sofa cover fabric looks fade, old and worn out. Sofa covers require regular cleaning to remain in good condition.
At Pressto, we have the latest cleaning technology to thoroughly remove stain and dirt, absorb lingering odour, and restore your valuable sofa covers. Our experienced staffs are trained to use the most appropriate cleaning methods to ensure there will be no fabric shrinkage or discolouration.

Looking after your garments

Tuck the ends tightly for a tailored look

Re-tuck once a week to maintain a uniform appearance

Vacuum the slip cover regularly and machine wash, if permitted.

Remove the cover from the dryer immediately to prevent wrinkling.

Spot iron if necessary (and fabric allows)

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