Accessories such as scarves, shawls, caps and ties can add panache, colour and class to your outfit, and create a certain look. Due to their repeated use, your accessories will eventually need cleaning, pressing and repair. Fine accessories, in particular those made from silk, wool, leather and velvet, can be delicate in nature and require extreme care when launder.
At Pressto, we meticulously clean, perform gentle stain removal and hand finishing using the latest technology that will brighten and restore your accessories and make them look brand new.
You can always count on Pressto to deliver your pants spotless and perfectly pressed.

Looking after your garments

Never store soiled clothing from one season to the next. This way you will avoid nasty surprises like finding impossible-to-remove stains on your garments (old stains become very resistant over time).

Never store clothes in humid places such as basements or attics, or in plastic bags.

Never leave clothes you are not going to wear for some time in places where they receive direct sunlight: the sun causes colors to fade.

When you take a garment to the dry-cleaners, always point out stains, especially hard-to-remove marks caused by perspiration, blood, etc.

In order to conserve leather garments in the best possible condition, you should have them cleaned at least once a year, preferably at the end of the season.

Remember: the biggest threat to your clothes is not dry-cleaning them but leaving them dirty from one season to another.

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