Table Linens


Table Linens

Table linen requires special care and attention to look its best. A beautifully presented dinner table must start with table linens that are professionally cleaned and expertly pressed. Beautiful table linens can last generations if they are cared for properly.
Pressto have years of experience and expertise to make your table linens look absolutely fabulous. We use the most advanced cleaning and stain removal process that can restore and maintain the original splendour of your table linens. All table linens are returned to you immaculately cleaned, starched to your liking, carefully pressed and neatly folded.

Looking after your garments

Place linens that are delicate or embroidered into a lingerie bag before laundering to help protect them.

Avoid using chlorine bleach for linen as it can yellow the fabric. Instead, use oxygen bleach.

Never wring damp linen. You may break the fibers.

Never store linen in a cedar chest, cardboard box, or plastic bag. The linen may rot, streak, or yellow in these containers.

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