For a restful night sleep nothing can match the comfort of a quality pillow. What most people don’t realise is that the pillow they snuggle up with could contain dead skin, mould and mildew, fungus, and dust mites. Most people launder their sheets once a week, setting aside their pillows for less frequent washings.
For proper cleaning of pillows, it is important that they move freely in the laundry machine during washing. At Pressto, our laundry machines have the capacity just for the job. All pillows, in particular feather and down filled, are given extra care when drying to ensure that they are completely dried before being fluffed up and returned to you like new.

Looking after your garments

If you find pillow cases that you particularly love, buy a few extra. Pillow cases wear out more quickly than sheets.

Iron pillowcases for fresh, crisp good looks on your bed.

Change pillowcases at least twice a week in normal climates, more often in hot and humid regions.

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