Curtains are often the most neglected furnishing in our home, and may hang there for years trapping a significant amount of dirt, dust mites and allergens. This is bad for the curtains as dirt not only becomes difficult to remove with age but it can also damage the fabric. Regular maintenance of your curtains will prolong their useful life.

At Pressto, we use the best curtains cleaning processes and gentle solutions to protect your curtains from damage and shrinkage. We have the leading edge equipment to remove even the toughest stains from your curtains.

Pressto offers a complete curtain cleaning service – free pick up and delivery which include dismantling and installation of your curtains

Looking after your garments

Lined curtains cannot be cleaned at home. Instead, they most be cleaned professionally by dry-cleaners.

Examine curtains before bringing for wash. Note for rips or tears. Gently stretch the curtains to check for signs of rotting. Rotting curtains cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

To dust your curtain, secure the upholstery brush to your vacuum’s hose. Use the upholstery brush to remove dust from your curtains while they are still on the curtain rod.

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