How to wash clothes in a washing machine

How to wash clothes in a washing machine

How to wash clothes in a washing machine.

If you’re starting to live alone or just gotten a new washing machine this is the guide for you! As it might seem difficult at first as there are many steps in the process but after a few practices it’ll be a breeze for you!

Before we get to the machine, we should separate our garments by color and by texture or material.

One of the worse mistakes to make is mixing whites with colors. Garments especially new ones, will lose some of their dye coloring during the wash cycle. If whites are mixed with another color, the colors might wash off and seep into the white items and cause it to change it color. If you do want to do one load instead of two, only wash OLD color garments with whites using cold water. After that, you should separate the garments by fabric or texture. Different type of materials require washing cycles for example, denim jeans require a heavy wash cycle whereas lingerie should be done in a delicate wash cycle.

After separating your garments according to fabric and color, you should then carefully read the labels on each of the garments before washing them. Reading each label one by one might be a hassle but it might save your garments. Some garments can only be hand washed or dry clean while some fabric material requires special detergent. Besides that, the labels also provide information on the optimal temperature and settings the garment could be washed under.










Lastly, after filling the washing machine with water we still need to include detergent and/or bleach. But how much detergent is needed? The amount of detergent we use depends on the amount of garments you’re washing. Always read the instructions on the detergent as different detergents have different concentrations. If the detergent is more concentrated, it’ll require less of it to wash a larger load. Besides that, only use bleach if your garments are overly dirty or if you want your whites to be as white as possible. Use chlorine bleach for white garments only while all fabric bleach for color clothing and chlorine-sensitive fabrics.


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